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For some time I have been thinking of moving to WordPress, I was since 2007 at Blogger and had made about 740 posts with well over 134,000 readers so far. But I had done nothing about moving until the 26 December when disaster struck. I forgot my password and am unable to remember it. It will not come to me, so I thought here is my chance to move to WordPress. I am starting a new blog with a familiar name Larry Muffin at Home.

Larry is the English version of my name Laurent. The Muffin part am not sure where that came from, since I do not eat muffins and have no particular affection for them. But it came to me and I like the word. Maybe it is because Muffins are nice and give you a warm feeling, like warm Apple Pie or a good soup in Winter.

At home well home has been a theme in my life, since I have travelled our little planet most of my life. I travelled so much in the last 40 years that some people are envious, but travelling is not what it was and I not only travelled but also lived in exotic places when it was still nice out there and fairly safe. But to do this during a lifetime you have to be very flexible, like a 14-year-old ballerina, you have to be willing to accept pretty much everything that is presented to you no matter how foreign it is to you. So my home has been where I made a home for the time being, be it one year or two or more. Then it is time to move and establish a new home. So I re-invented myself all the time in various cultures and continents and made friends with all manner of people. I learned a lot about people but I also learned that often complete strangers were more interesting than my fellow Canadians.

Oh and if you think that I live alone and have no attachments, not so, I have been in a relationship, I say married for 38 years and have had 4 dogs during that time, all Dachshunds, short hair, long hair, and now wire hair.

So now I have re-invented a new life in Ottawa, the Capital of all the Canada. Retired and working as a volunteer interpreter, docent, guide and presenter in our National Museums.

Which brings me in contact with the public and has open a new field of study and learning. Working in the National Museums is also a charm and it makes me happy just to be there. I can say I have been lucky to land there in retirement and thank Fate who propelled me in that direction. I do believe in Fate.

So 2014 comes to a close and I look to the future and I know that 2015 will be full of new adventures.


As for the photo featured in this entry, I took this photo in June 2014 during our Summer visit to Dresden on the Elbe River. It is the Brühl Terrace facing the river Elbe a magnificent area of a city reborn of its ashes in all its Baroque splendour.