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Each year I update in some fashion my blog, a bit like re-painting a wall or re-decorating, a question of refreshing a presentation since time is passing and events of the past take on a different perspective. Per example when I first starting blogging I was in China, I started to put things on a blog to document what I was doing, it was a slow start. Then in Rome the blog took a life of its own because we saw and experienced so many things. We travelled in Europe and our experience were enriching. Now I am retired and though we still travel it is not as frequently and my life activity is different. I am not sitting at home, no not at all, I have many activities and I read a lot and keep busy. But our life now is here in Ottawa and it is not Europe, though we make an effort to live in a European style as much as possible. It is very much part of my life, I have been travelling to Europe since I was 12 years old that was 47 years ago. All this to say that in 2015 I hope my blog will take on a different look and cover different topics.

 puppies new year

New Year Puppies enjoying the Festivities. Forefront Nicholas and in the background Nora.

Maybe I will talk more about my Museum experience and what I learn. Maybe more on food and recipes, I always love to read recipes. There will be posts about travel and friends. So keep reading.

Best Wishes to all and thank you for reading and commenting.

Happy New Year 2015!

A recording of 1930, Auld Lang Syne, with Peter Dawson, Australian Bass-Baritone (1882-1961). A spirited rendition.