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It is the first of the year the Capodanno (head or top of the year) as the Italian say. This door frame with the Atlante is from a well known building, at least to me, on Via Nazionale in Rome. What a beautiful entrance to a house and entranceways are just that something leading you into a new year, a beginning.

portal Rome Via Nazionale

Looking at my calendar it is rather full, I will not be bored, with lectures to host, docent activities, guided visits and short lectures on chosen art works. There is also the concert by Angela Hewitt, considered the foremost Canadian pianist and J.S.Bach exponent at the National Arts Centre.

So today is a gray day in Ottawa and it is cold, the wind is biting, though there is no snow on the ground, none, it is a first I think, no snow on the ground at such a late date, I do not know if this has happened in the past, it is exceptional, I will not complain, it is much nicer to walk on a dry surface. Crews of the National Capital Commission have been grooming the frozen surface of the Canal by watering it at night so the ice is as smooth as possible for skaters, a very cold job when you are working in -20 Celsius at night.

As for resolutions, no not for me, I will do my  best and adjust as the year goes by, better to do it that way. Continue to eat well balanced meals, walk more, meet interesting people, study and read, surround myself with the sights of the museum. Am sure we will travel some to interesting places. In 2015 I am -1 year from my 60th, I remember when I turned 20 and it does not seem such a long time ago.

Some music for today, not waltzes from Vienna, no something a little different.

Masquarade, (Mazurka) by Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian. A happy composition for this New Year’s Day.