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With the New Year I am preparing monthly a series of mini-lectures (10 minutes) on art works I select in the National Gallery of Canada. With the works selected and as a Volunteer Docent, I present these works between 11am and 1pm during the week on days when I am on duty.  I am not the only one doing this, there is a group of us volunteer who throughout the week will present works.

Now the public who listens to these presentations are usually over +50 some not many are -35 but that is rare. What I always wonder and what I would like to know is this; Can you tell me if you were my audience, what is it you would like to know about the artwork? Your personal knowledge about art or artists or art history is not necessary, audiences come to learn or simply to enjoy themselves.

A) Do you want to know about the artist and his life (a short synopsis)

B) Do you want to know about the person in the picture or the sculpture? The history, the myth or who this person was.

C) Do you want to know about the technique or school which produced this artwork?

D) none of the above. I just want to hear in general about art.

E) I would prefer if you just gave me hints or general info and let me discover the piece by myself.

created 1763.

Created 1632.

In January I am presenting 2 art works, one is A distant view of Rome from Monte Mario by Richard Wilson

Marble bust of Pope Urban VIII (Maffeo Barberini) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Both works are from a different age, the Bust of Urban VIII is from the Baroque Period, the Age of Princes, whereas the landscape is in the Italianate style much in fashion then in England, some 130 years separate the two artworks.

If you wish to reply just tell me which would apply to you A,B,C,D or E with a comment. I thank you in advance for your reply.