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Like many people I was shocked to hear of the criminal and barbaric act committed at Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper which is part of a long tradition in France. The four cartoonists who were assassinated, were not young men, many had long careers behind them. Charlie Hebdo is an old newspaper and it is one where humanist values where upheld. They made fun at the absurdities of life and in the case of religion, attacked the narrow minded. The 3 men who committed this crime, in my mind, are not Muslims, they may want to wrap themselves in the cloak of Islam but I am not buying it.

The comment below will appear tomorrow as an Editorial in the London Times (08-01-2015) I think it is about time our politicians face reality and start thinking about what immigration of masses of people with whom we share little in common really means and their lack of integration into our Society means in everyday life for all of us.

Living in a Western Society is a social contract, this is how our society is built.

David Aaronovitch wrote:

“The problem is, you may think, that even though the vast majority of Muslims would no more kill a cartoonist than a Methodist would, they still don’t quite get our commitment to freedom of speech. When they complain about insults and say they’re angry about this or that being published and want it banned, then they create the permissive fluid in which the violent zealot swims.
So we need to be clear, for everyone’s sake, and at the moment we are anything but. This is the deal for living together. The same tolerance that allows Muslims or Methodists freedom to practise and espouse their religion is the same tolerance that allows their religion or any aspect of it to be depicted, criticised or even ridiculed. Take away one part of the deal and the other part falls too. You live here, that’s what you agree to. You don’t like it, go somewhere else.”