The mask if there ever was one is now truly fallen and it did on Friday 13 February in a radio interview in Quebec City given by our Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Without any prompting he explained to the radio host that people in Quebec loved his conservatives policies, strong law and order approach, war on terror, low taxes, unlike those people who work for the State Broadcaster Radio-Canada and CBC who are all leftists and who hate conservative values. He then proclaimed that Quebecers love and support conservatives values. It is true that a certain percentage of people living in the region of Quebec City vote conservative but this is not new, it has been thus for as long as I can remember and more, maybe since 1935. However he is sadly mistaken if he is thinking of Montreal or the rest of Quebec.

Today Tuesday (Mardi Gras) 17 February in the House of Commons in answer to a question from the Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau about that comment on the radio, Mr. Harper said that the enemies of conservative values are the money wasters in the Opposition, the NDP (the Official Parliamentary Opposition), the Liberals, the bureaucracy and the labour unions, who are with the Jihadists, who give Canadian tax dollars to their leftist friends and do not support the conservative agenda. The Prime Minister like all members in the House has full immunity and can say pretty much anything he wants without fear of lawsuit. So like George W. Bush, you are with the terrorists or with us. We heard such nonsense from his Cabinet but never from him.

On chats and on twitter you will note that the trolls who support him constantly attack leftists who do not support the Conservative agenda. They make all manner of outlandish claims. On Sun News Network now bankrupt and gone, attacks on the Opposition or Liberals was vitriolic and hysterical, offensive and hateful. They strongly support the extreme right wing evangelical agenda of the Harper Regime. Reading them is scary but now that the PM himself has clearly identified the enemies of the State we can see the tone of this election campaign. It is going to be ugly and the list of enemies will be a long one. I dare say 64% of Canadians who did not vote for him in 2011.

In the meantime the government has introduced bill C-51 which will make protest of any kind a criminal offence especially if it is on a subject regarding Official government policy on a range of topics. The bill will make the judges an instrument of the police in giving them on there asking search warrants. They would be able to search homes and confiscate property, install surveillance devices, detain people for indefinite periods of time, tap phones, disrupt mail and bank accounts, etc… All this is unknown in Canada and most Canadians sleep thinking this has nothing to do with them. Already many charitable organizations have been driven to bankruptcy and audited to death by the Revenue Agency on the orders of the PM for criticizing him. No one seems to notice much.

In Parliament today the Conservative Government majority voted to give all Parliamentary security matters to the RCMP, they in turn report directly to the Prime Minister. The Speaker of the House has been shoved aside rudely, matters in the Parliamentary precinct have always been his responsibility. So now the personal police guards of the PM will be in charge of watching other members of Parliament under the guise of security. It does not take a genius to quickly understand how this can be abused.

In the play Stuff Happens, the Iraqi Janitor says at the end of the play that he has been a refugee from his country for 29 years. He goes on to say that the mistake of the Iraqi people was to put their faith in others, like the Americans. The Iraqi people did not take care of themselves nor of their country. He concludes by saying, if something bad happens in your country it’s your fault because you did not take care of it. The situation in Canada is our fault because we knew that Harper had a secret agenda and we ignored it. We wanted change in government, we got it, but this is not what anyone envisage.

2015 is an election year, let’s hope that Canadians will wake up and reflect on what is happening to our Country and put an end to this train wreck of a government. It is very important that people get involved in their local area and vote for an inclusive government for all of us.