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This photo is one of my favourite, the Sacred grove surrounding the Acropolis of Athens. Visible the Parthenon which is still under renovation after 25 years and millions of Euros. If you wonder about the white and dark gold colour of the temple this is the repair work, new Pentelic marble is white and turn a dull golden colour with age. The work aims to stabilize this 2500 year old Temple to Athena. It is a spectacular temple and you can see what Athenians paid for after Pericles convinced them to give freely to finance this monument to the Goddess protecting their City. He told them that it was their duty as Citizens of Athens to do their duty and finance this project. An ancient concept that it is your Duty to do whatever you can for your country. Also visible is the Erechtheion and the entrance gate Propylaea. The neighbourhood below the hill is the Plaka, one of the oldest neighbourhood of Athens. In the distance the Aegean Sea and the Port of Piraeus, quite the dramatic view of the City.