Here are some photos of the last week around home.


Stilton and pear tarts, made 35 of them in a few minutes, a very easy recipe and everyone loved them, gone in a matter of minutes, great with a glass of wine.

museum pool

Reflective pool in the Canadian Art Courtyard of the National Gallery of Canada. If you look through it below it is the group entrance courtyard of the museum, lots of play on light and reflection. The photo is taken from the second floor in the European gallery.

Nicky asleep

Nicky falling asleep, he just returned from the groomers and is exhausted. Got his cookie and now time for dodo.

nicky and nora sofa march

Nicky and Nora enjoying their morning


Orchids, they are always in bloom, delicate and elegant 


Dad enjoying a piece of cake. Still traveling at 85.