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If you wondered where you would find this angel of Victory standing on this quadriga against this beautiful sky, with this look of severe majesty, well this is taken from the top of the Altar to the Italian Nation, the largest marble monument in the world built in 1890 to celebrate the new Italian Nation. In fact there are two chariots one is Unity and the other Victory.


The Altar to the Italian Nation is also known at the Vittoriano since it is dedicated to the first King of the Newly Unified Italian nation, Vittorio-Emmanuelle II. The many principalities of Italy, Dukedoms, the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily and the Pontifical States where all brought together by Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1860 in a bloody conflict which lasted 10 years. He chose the House of Savoy to lead the Republican-Kingdom.


The monument which is on Piazza Venezia in Rome stands on what was once a hill, the ARX or Citadel of Rome. The temple of the Augurs was also on that hill and this was also where the Sacred Geese where kept. The hill was removed to make way to this monument which is the site of the tomb of the unknown soldier with the eternal flame and 24-7 honour guard dominated by the Goddess Roma.