I have about a dozen books in hardcover and 2 on Kindle that are lined up for my reading pleasure. My reading tastes are all over the map, I will pick up a book based on my reading a few pages and deciding I like it. It can be almost any topic since I am interested in many things. There is no guarantee I will like every book I read, sometimes I start one and suddenly I dislike it, usually has to do with the writing style of the author. The little voice in my head will start saying why did he write this, or why is he so verbose we got the point 5 pages ago. Some historical novels may be interesting at first but suddenly too many irrelevant details or I may know the story already and am looking for fresh insight and there is none. All this to say that I am reading one book on the painter Titian which I bought as a remnant for $1.00 and another one on the British Princes, the four sons of King George V and the years between 1936 and 1946, the King dies and his wayward son Edward VIII ascends the throne and then Ms Simpson gets in the way, so do the Nazis and lots of sex, booze and drugs in a world full of empty people, but they have titles and more money than they need while the world is stuck in an economic depression and sliding towards war. It is an interesting story, those people may be Royals but so vacuous. I have another book to read on the life of Clement Greenberg the Art Critic, one book on Tom Thomson the great Canadian painter. I also have the complete fables by Charles Perrault with contextual text and explanation on the symbolism of his tales, and many more. So I got a full card of things to read. Oh I almost forgot I also have one new book on French spoken in Canada and French spoken in France. This is based on a study of language and pronunciation prior to 1789. It appears that linguists now believe that the French Civil War or Revolution brought about enormous changes in the way French was spoken in Continental France compared to Canada. In Canada the French population was cut off from France after 1763, Treaty of Paris which gave away North America to England in War reparation after the Seven Year War in Europe. So people who spoke French in Canada have kept the accent and pronunciation of the Aristocracy prior to 1789 whereas the French involved in their Civil War/Revolution rejected the old ways of speaking and invented a new French language to differentiate themselves from the overthrown Royal system. This means that in Canada we speak like Louis XIV at Versailles.

I will review some if there is anything good about them and can pass along.