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The activities are winding down for Volunteers at the National Gallery of Canada or I should say we are now going on the Summer schedule. Volunteers are busy in other area with the end of the School year. The lectures Les Mercredis Culturels and Wednesday Mornings have ended, our 55th Season. I have just completed the arrangements for the new Season starting on 23 September, we will have 24 very diverse topics for our lectures in French and in English. This new Season will focus on the Museum its collections and experts with a special presentation on Louise Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun who was the Official Court Artist of Queen Marie-Antoinette. She will be the topic of our Summer Showcase in 2016.

Vigée-Lebrun painted beautiful portraits of the Queen and her children, her friends and other notables at Court. She will go on after the arrest of the Royal Family to work in Italy, Austria for the Mother of Marie-Antoinette, Empress Maria-Theresa and at the Russian Court in St-Petersburg before returning with the Restoration and Louis XVIII to Paris. She was such a great artist that during these long years of exile she will never be out of work or alone. She is invited to all the European Courts and paints the greats of this world.


Louise-Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1755-1842)

In 2016 the NGC marks the year of women artists so Vigée-Lebrun is a fitting subject.

During the Summer we still have the daily Docent’s Choice and until end June we have in house school groups who come to visit. There are other activities to occupy the Docents, until September when the regular season starts again.

It has been a busy year and I am happy to be not so busy. Not to forget Chagall opens on 28 May and the NGC is open everyday from 10am to 6pm.