Corriere TV has a news show entitled Le Inchieste (investigation) this is a show from one of the great newspaper in Italy. This segment is about the numerous problems facing Rome as a City. Here you have two journalists riding on a Vespa around the city, as millions of people do, cheaper than a car and easy to park in a city notorious for its no parking. They present arguments to make their point, it’s a friendly discussion, one you could have with your neighbour or the person next to you on the bus. Remember in Italy conversation is an art form. It is a great discussion, the Roman way, it resolves nothing but you can shake your head and think of course, the crooks who do nothing about this city. It also illustrates the fact that Romans in general do not like, tourists and foreigners, the centre is crawling with them from May to September. But they will be gracious and either ignore you or put up with you, but if you speak Italian then, OK they like you. Oh and do not forget to dress appropriately, la bella figura is always important. Ah Rome such an incredible city, with so many problems but at the same time so much inefficiency and too many government levels, Municipal, National, Provincial, as they discuss depending on what side of the street you are the responsible government level changes. Then the garbage situation, the pot holes, the hordes of tourists who are often blamed for the garbage situation, yes tourists are pigs, sorry but at the same time the City could do a much better job.

They also discuss Line C of the Metro which has become a cause celebrate, no wonder it is years late and billions of Euros over budget, the point they make is that the historical and archeological artefacts and buildings are endangered by this construction. In the end well its Rome so let’s go and have a nice meal and talk about the next Opera Season and since it is Summer time where are you going for your August vacation.