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The condo building we live in was built in 1976 in that brutalist concrete bunker look so in fashion back then. The original condo owners, mostly all, lived here until just 5 years ago when many started to die off or move to retirement homes. With their departure many new owners have arrived and all have made massive renovations to their units. Gone is the wall to wall broadloom, the ’70 bathroom and kitchen look with the formica counters and the old style ceiling lamp fixtures. The condo units are fairly nice sizes given that the building was built at a time when people still lived in their homes. Nowadays any decorator or developer will tell you that you will live at Starbucks like in the TV sitcom Friends where they all spent their lives on that couch in  the seedy neighbourhood café, so a condo is the size of a broom closet, but it is called luxurious living.


We have two bathrooms in our unit and five long weeks ago the work on the first bathroom started, the work is nearly complete, only the towel bar and the glass partition for the shower is missing, with the 2 drawers for the vanity. Otherwise it is working.

Though the work as gone fairly fast, there were some problems but within a week they were resolved. It is still a trying period and dust infiltrates the whole unit. Despite the fact that the workers are careful and clean up after themselves. Nonetheless dust has a way of getting into everything.

Here is a before and an after look at the bathroom no.1 which lost the tub to be replaced by a walk in shower, new marble floor, new tiles and vanity with a giant mirror.

old bath

Old bathroom c.1976 prior to demolition.

new bath 2

new bath

New bathroom with accent tiles and that huge mirror. A very different look. The walls are pearl grey which is quite elegant.

Now onwards to bathroom no.2 which will have a soaker tub and shower. New tiles similar to the ones we have in bathroom 1.

Hopefully this will only take, oh I don’t know 3 weeks and then we are done.