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Well we had a rough and cold Winter, Spring was cold and unpleasant and now today the Summer Solstice 21 June it is somewhat muggy but it could be a lot warmer. Time to light up those giant bonfires like my ancestors did 2500 years ago to entice the Sun to rise again in the morning in those vast Primeval Forests of France. We still celebrate the Summer Solstice in French Canada and in Quebec City there will be a giant bonfire on the night of 24th June, though dancing Virgins are a rarity these days. Oh well you cannot have everything.

When Summer arrives I think of songs which to me symbolizes Summer. One is by The Supremes and Diana Ross the 1966 hit Can’t hurry love.

The other one is again a long distance memory, a famous Italian song, La Strada del Bosco ( the road in the forest) sung by a famous baritone Gino Bechi (pronounced Beki) (1913-1993). This song is first heard in 1943, the year Mussolini suddenly fell from power and the war in Italy was over. The words are so beautiful, just listen to them.

Now let’s home for a warmer Summer and lots of sunshine.