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Today Sunday 28 June the weather in Ottawa was cold 15 C windy and rainy, extremely unusual for this time of the year. In fact we have only had dinner on our terrace a few times this year because of the cold weather, when usually in late Spring and Summer we have dinner every night outdoors.

Here are some shots I took today of the garden outside our building, very green with the wet and cool weather the plants are doing well.



Also today I wanted to try out a cake recipe my mother left me. This simple recipe was a favorite of us kids at home so many years ago. The Tomato Soup Cake with a Cream Cheese icing. It turned out well and I am quite happy about it. I cannot remember when I last baked a cake, this is something I do not do.

The texture is somewhat like a Spice Cake, it does have Cloves, Nutmeg and Cinnamon as spices. It also has to be Campbell’s Tomate Soup for the mix.

cake tomato

Tomato Soup Cake out of the oven

cake icing

Tomato Soup Cake with the Cream Cheese Icing ready to go.