I took a stroll today from my house to Lansdowne Park which is a large green area with a Stadium for football and Soccer. The FIFA Women Championship just took place there. The walk along the Rideau Canal is very pleasant, park like promenade on the Queen Elizabeth Drive a little less so on the Colonel By Drive which is more residential.

Here are some pictures of what I saw on my walk.


The National Capital Commission is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds in and around the City over several kilometres. It was not always like this up until 1910 the area was industrialized and the Canal a commercial waterway. Old photos show a dirty and polluted area right in the centre of the Capital. Since then all has changed and if you did not know it, you would think that the garden scenery was always like that.






Because tomorrow is CANADA DAY or DOMINION DAY, I put up the flag, the same one since 1976. It’s travelled with me all over the world in the last 36 years.

flag balcon