Now that the NO vote has won, here is a short synopsis of what may happen in the days to come. Things just got far more complicated for the Greeks.

Greece by a Greek

If you’re just catching up to it, here are the latest developments – and what you need to know.
1) Greeks were voting Sunday in a landmark national referendum on a European bailout proposal. A poll on Friday found an electorate so divided it was too close to call.

2) Central bankers are getting ready to take action to contain the shock waves if Greece has to abandon the euro.

3) Remarkable series of announcements from the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Wednesday: First, he said he was suddenly ready to accept most of the terms of a bailout he’s been aggressively campaigning against. Then, hours later, he urged Greeks to say “no” to them in a popular vote set for Sunday.

4) European leaders say there’s still hope for a fix for the Greek crisis, if there is a “yes” vote in the referendum. But until that vote on…

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