One of my favourite dishes in Summertime in Italy, it is so good and on a hot day, light, cool and pleasant dish.

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Vitello Tonnato | ©
For me, nothing says summertime better around the Bel Paese than an inviting plate of vitello tonnato — thin slices of cold veal covered in a creamy tuna fish-based sauce.

It’s one of the preferred appetizers or elegant second-course dishes served around the northern part of the country to help cool down those dog days and nights of summer.

Vitello Tonnato | ©thepalladiantraveler.comI don’t need to know the heat index outside in order to enjoy vitello tonnato because I eat it as often as I can, at home or away. I’m an unofficial connoisseur of this “surf ‘n’ turf” dish and look for it on the menu wherever I happen to plant my fork.

It is the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, nestled along the border with France, where this refreshing dish came to life a few centuries ago. Today, cities across the region continue to jockey for position as having THE best

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