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The 21 July 2007 was our Wedding Day in Ottawa. We got married to make life easier for my employer the Government of Canada, yes that is true. We have been together since 23 November 1978, so for us that is the more important date.

wedding day 2007

Before our wedding, my employer always required me to fill out a bunch of forms to re-confirm almost annually that we were still together. The reason for this very bureaucratic procedure was due to the high number of so called straight colleagues who changed partners and kids as they changed underwear. I am not kidding you, in the Canadian Foreign Service, I was an eyewitness to the multiple spouse syndrome my heterosexual colleagues suffered from, usually just before arriving at Post. The reason for being if they brought lots of kids from lots of previous partners they could get a bigger house. Administration at Post only discovered which spouse they were bringing on the day they actually arrived at post. It was a game of cat and mouse to get advantages and benefits. Once those secured you could easily send said spouse back to Canada and claim incompatibility. The kids never materialized though they existed on paper. One example of this type of promiscuity, was a female colleague who brought to post her ex-partner with whom she had one child because he had no job and would look after the said child. She also brought with her the current partner, everyone got a benefit. Another example was a male colleague arriving with wife and five kids and mistress in tow, wife promptly left with some kids and mistress stayed with leftover kids who now had to fend for themselves.

So once married, I produced my marriage certificate and no more forms to fill out. My colleagues of the straight persuasion are usually not married and live in loose unions referring to their interchangeable partners as BF or GF or the more common word Chum. So monitoring by the employer is required to avoid fraud on monetary benefits. Who knew so many Canadians had loose morals.

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