On a hot day in Summer, a simple and cold dessert Italian style.

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Sgroppino al Limone © www.ice-cream-magazine.com  Sgroppino al Limone © www.ice-cream-magazine.com

Splicing optimism with an imaginative streak, this week one received a plethora of photos from a chum who is holidaying, (make that basking and bragging something wholesale) in Tuscany. She’ll get more than a stuffed focaccia up her Calzone when she gets back here! ‘Sienna tomorrow’ she lovingly taunts and then includes a picture of a cold bottle of 2006 Cristal (hardly a local tipple) with her snaps of Pisa and Lucca. “Oh and then Florence on Saturday, any thing you want”?  I replied “Gelato please?”  She, and her family, are treasured friends as you may, by now, have concluded?

There is, however, method in my madness. Such adhock occurrences inspire the Tea Boy, who in his wisdom, and genius self, said. “Maybe we could go there later in the year or take a villa?”  Well, (sharp intake of breath) would you Adam and Eve it? “That’s a great idea dear!”

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