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Our friends from Phoenix visited us in Ottawa in the past week. We had planned this visit for months and prepared a briefing book for their visit, I say this in all seriousness. They too were somewhat surprised by our level of organization.

It was great fun to have them with us and brought a change of pace from the recent tragic events in my family. Both are delightful gents, good conversationalists, walking on average 15Km a day visiting sites around town.

We took them to Montebello, Quebec on Sunday which is always a pleasant drive down Hwy 50E. Sunday night we went to Parliament Hill to see the new Northern Lights Show which is quite dramatic.

Our poor Nicky was quite sad to see them go and so was Nora who tried to jump into their suitcase.

Here is a panoramic retrospective of this week long Official Visit

mcr bday cake

Official Birthday Party with specially designed Tomato Soup Cake as per MCR’s request. We do not know his precise age but have been told unofficially that it is anywhere between 43 and 73. The Fire Dept only allowed 2 candles on the cake.

rideau Hall

We paid a courtesy visit to Rideau Hall, Home of H.E. the Governor General of Canada


We also went to visit Laurier House, a national historic site and home of two Canadian Prime Ministers, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King. A fascinating place full of artifacts. No seance on that day with dead dogs called Pat or the long dead mother of the PM.


The sculpture Maman by Canadian Artist Louise Bourgeois. An iconic piece of contemporary art. All went well until our friend wishing to conquer his fears of spiders decided to climb on it, when the police arrived well… it’s a long story. Ah those tourists.

fireworks Ottawa

No expenses where spared to impress our guests even renting a canoe.


A walk in the woods of Chateau Montebello before lunch, if you look carefully there are  2 black bears on the left side of the picture.

montebello 2

Micheal Rockwell

He said ”Where is the Roastbeef?”

David Wright

Now Evelyn, I thought this establishment was Vegetarian

NL show

The Northern Lights show at Parliament, impressive, much appreciated by our visitors.

tulips parliament

Blooming tulips on Parliament, the story of WWII, Canada and Holland.

parliament canada flag 50

The Canadian Flag at 50. All part of the story told at the Northern Lights Show ending with the National Anthem

We saw many more sights and walked a lot around the Capital, had fine dining at home and in restaurants. Still much more to see and we hope our friends will return. Ciao Ragazzi, Ci Vediamo!


Ottawa Airport Field