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The Canadian Federal Election will not come soon enough. In the meantime I am publishing here a song that has gone viral thanks to Harperman himself. The idiot Prime Minister of Canada decided to make a martyr of the lead singer of this song. It went on YouTube from 548 views to viral overnight! Yes Harper ordered the suspension of the fellow because he is a Public Servant. You will not criticized the Fuhrer Harper! The USA had Richard Nixon we have Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon combined in the person of Stephen Harper. Can you believe that the people in this video are seen by Harper and his cronies as dangerous activists. This is beyond ridiculous, if you are not worth a laugh you are not worth much as the old saying goes.

So enjoy this Church Group protest song. We should remember that it was the Lutheran Church protest songs and demonstrations in East Germany who was instrumental in toppling the Communist Dictatorship in 1989, maybe we can topple the Harper Dictator on October 19. #StopHarper #Election2015