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I just re-blogged two items, one from Will who is currently on board a Cruise Ship cruising the St-Lawrence River and the Gulf. Tonight in St-Pierre and Miquelon (France). The song by Noel Coward sung by Elaine Stritch Why do the wrong people travel. The song was composed in 1961 for the Musical Sail Away and it is even more true today in a rather scary way. I have seen those tourists in Capri and in the Greek Islands not to mention Venice, not a pretty sight.

The second re-blog article from the blog of Canadian Journalist and member of the Parliament Press Gallery, Dale Smith-Journo, Routine Proceedings is great to read. I read him daily and find the precision of the details in his articles wonderful. He has great knowledge about how Parliament works and how it fits in our Canadian System of Government. His observations are very much to the point, nothing escapes his eye.