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Today Friday 09 October was the first day of the advance poll for the Federal Election. During the whole Thanksgiving Weekend polls are open from Noon to 8pm for any Canadian who wants to vote.

It is reported everywhere in Canada that the turn out today was extremely high with long line ups and people waiting up to 3 hours to vote. I voted at 12:35 over lunch time and I waited 35 minutes to vote with my neighbours. The delay is created by the new requirement that we have to show Photo ID with home address and it has to be checked and you have to sign your name to the register. A lot of stupid nonsense invented by the Harper Regime to steal the vote or discourage people from voting.

Heavy turn out like this is never good for the incumbent and Harper and his goons are worried. Around Ottawa all the Constituencies where Members of Parliament are Conservative incumbent show a very close race, so close it is hard to tell who might win.

Since the beginning of this campaign 66 days ago 75% of voters say they want change, that statistic has not changed at all. The CPC has only gained one point and are stuck at 32% in popularity. No matter what Harper has tried to win at all cost this election, the public is not following according to all polls published. As of today if the election was held now the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau would win. However it will be a minority government, no party is able to win a majority of 170 seats in the House.

Election day is Monday 19 October only a few days to go. I am very happy I voted today and I am optimistic that the Harper Regime is at an end.

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