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Therefore I shall sing praise to you and I shall not be silent. Lord God, I will give you thanks forever!   Psalm 30:12.


I think of Thanksgiving, my favorite Canadian holiday, as an end of year celebration. I am thankful for all the good things I have now and all I have received during my life. How Fate has been generous in what is often a game of fortune. A relationship old of 38 years, so many things shared both happy and sad.


We travelled to PEI and discovered a new Province of Canada we did not know at all with its many charms. Friends visited us from far away, there were good books to read, fine foods and wine to enjoy. There was Art and art study, exhibitions, more appreciation of beauty, discovery of artists whose name are known but I finally had the opportunity to study and know them better, in the case of Alex Colville through his daughter Ann.


2015 I will also remember as a year where Death came visiting, my father died suddenly on a Sunday afternoon in July. He had a long and prosperous life, he taught us, the children, many life lessons and was there when we needed him. He was a good friend to many and he is remembered well. Where would we be without him and with my mother, both good parents.

Catherine Klein 1861 Berlin

Thanksgiving the Holiday we call l’Action de Grâce in French, a Harvest Festival in Canada, give thanks, rendre Grâce, for the bounty in all things, past and present. I am thankful.