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The birthplace of modern Canada is Prince Edward Island also known in French as Ile Saint Jean. It is known today around the World for Anne of Green Gables, its soil and beaches which is Red coloured also called Terre Rouge, potatoes, excellent beef and outstanding seafood. The island has numerous premier restaurants with many female Chefs and it has the premier Veterinarian School in North America at University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Haras farms for Horse breeding is a big industry. The island is also an artist colony and musicians abound, there are continuous Festivals from February to December.


One Festival is to select the best Chef and the best seafood on the Island and vote for the best restaurants with the most innovative cuisine. You have to remember that PEI only has 140,000 persons living on the island. The Festival is this weekend and people are invited to taste and vote.

All about Lobster’s from Prince Edward Island, see link below.


The #1 selling Mussels in North America are from PEI


More about Best of the Sea Competition


Also another great Festival is Indian River near the village of Kensington PEI.


The old Church of St-Mary’s is an architectural gem in French Gothic Style. At this time of the year the Friends of St-Mary’s sponsor Christmas concerts starting this Sunday 29 November being the First Sunday in Advent.

St. Mary’s Church, a fine example of the French Gothic influence, was built in 1902 by Island architect, William Critchlow Harris. The Harris trademark, a rib-vaulted or groined ceiling, enhances the quality of sound and archives this with the use of fir, pine, spruce, maple, and birch throughout the building.