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The National Art Centre in Ottawa which was built in 1967 to mark the Centennial of Canada as a Unified country will be 50 years old in 2017. Did you know that Canada was a country before Germany was one. Yes indeed, a unified German nation was proclaimed in at Versailles Palace in the Gallerie des Glaces by Chancellor Bismarck in 1870, prior to that date there where 380 principalities and Kingdom of German speaking, Catholics and Lutheran.

In 2017 Canada will celebrate 150 years as a unified country and Ottawa will also celebrate its anniversary as Capital of our country.

The Government announced it would proceed with major renovation to the National Arts Centre, a tricky business since the NAC was a commissioned work of architecture and the original building outside appearance cannot be altered. So the architects are adding to the building to give it a new look and a new entrance, instead of being on the Canal it will be on Elgin Street, making it a more inviting venue. http://www.cbc.ca/…/…/ottawa/nac-renovations-start-1.3331711


The old Look of the NAC, very much the brutalist architecture of the 1960’s


The New look 2017 remodelled

The original version of the NAC had large terraces above street level all around, in the 1960’s the architects envisioned that the public would wander those terraces, however no one ever used them, they fell into disrepair and at night they were so dark as to be dangerous. The NAC was also designed with the car in mind, people would arrive by car, no one would walk. The approach to do building are designed to discourage pedestrians, again a mistake,  a lack of vision by the architects and nowadays the building looks dated. It was also known as lacking in washrooms, those designed in 1967 are small and useless for evening when thousands descend on the NAC, better go before you leave the house. Unfortunately the main concert Hall will not be renovated and it needs it badly. Departing Maestro Pinchas Zukerman during an interview upon his departure a few months before the end of the Harper Regime, decried the lack of thought in modernizing the centre, it is fine to have better public access and more washrooms but what about better seating and updated technical equipment in the Concert Hall, he asked. Hopefully this renovations starting in December will address some of the issues but obviously not all.