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With the Christmas Season of course it is time for Messiah by Haendel. In Ottawa for I do not know how many years the Canadian Amateur Singers invite all to come and sing Messiah. The Dominion-Chalmers United Church which serves in Ottawa as a Symphony Hall welcomes such musical evenings. So for 3 Saturday mornings of repetitions you too can join the Choir of 600 + Amateurs and give a performance of this great work. This is what Will did tonight, I was in the audience. Ottawa is really a small town. I recognized quite a few people in the Choir, 2 to them former Ambassadors with whom I served in Jordan some 20 years ago.

The orchestra is a pick-up orchestra of violins, cellos, double bass, Oboes,Bassoon, trumpets, Harpsichord, Timpani, and an organ which in the original production Georg Frederick Haendel played.

The Maestro is Louis Lavigueur who has been conducting Messiah for the last 25 years with Alan Thomas, organist. They also organize this event in Montreal.

It is great fun and something memorable. We did not have Teddy to sing but it was just as much fun. Teddy has a great voice and here he sings my favorite part of Messiah.

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Choir 600 singers and audience about 400 people.  A great fun evening in Ottawa, much better than shopping at the Mall.

Australian soprano Sara Macliver sings Rejoice Greatly from Handel’s Messiah with the Orchestra of the Antipodes and conductor Antony Walker.