Last night on a Canadian Military plane 163 refugees arrived from Syria via Amman, Jordan. On hand to welcome them the Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration John McCallum.

The PM made a point of simply speaking with the families, no speeches, and then distributing warm clothing to the kids in the special hangar at Toronto Airport. Present also at the airport were members of Parliament who themselves had come to Canada as refugee children.

Something Canadians can be very proud of, refugees have been coming to Canada since 1890 from all over the World and we make room for them at the table.

People who once were refugees have achieved much in Canada and found themselves in position of prestige and authority. Michaëlle Jean, once a refugee from Haiti became Governor General,Commander in Chief and then Chancellor of the University of Ottawa.

Here are some press photos of the welcome at Toronto airport.


Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with a woman arriving.




Minister of Immigration John McCallum holding a little girl, the fellow next to him is Arif Virani now a Member of Parliament and once a child refugee.


Indeed they will remember this welcome and once they stepped out of the airport all the legal paperwork was done, Health Card, SIN card (income tax) and Permanent Resident Status, meaning they are regular folks and can now get a job and a normal life. That in itself shows great forethought and organisation on the part of the Government, no red tape.