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Well last night we had a Christmas Eve Dinner with a few guests, the menu was festive, First we had a Stilton, Pear and Mache Salad, with a glass of champagne or two. Then a medium rare Filet of Beef with Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Potatoes and Italian Roasted Tomatoes in olive oil, served with a very good French red wine Chateau de Braude, Haut Medoc 2010.

Dessert was a home made Mince Meat Pie served with a Greek Dessert Wine, Muscat de Samos, Kourtaki.




Woke up today to the sounds of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio of 1734 from MDR radio in Germany. Gifts under the tree from our faithful puppies, Dachshunds are so clever, LOL!

Today Christmas Day we will have a late luncheon with a few guests, different table setting and on the menu Roasted Goose (2) with an apple and prune stuffing, served with carrots, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts and a small salad with a champagne dressing.

Dessert is the home made Plum Pudding from the recipe used at Windsor Castle for King George V. It will be flambé at serving time.

Beautiful day again weather wise, mild weather. Hope Santa was good to you. Best Wishes, Merry Christmas!


Mystical Nativity by Sandro Botticelli, 1501