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Well we have been to those three places, Pesaro is a small town South of Rimini on the Adriatic Coast of Italy and the birth place of the celebrated Opera and Music composer Gioachino Rossini, Barber of Seville Fame. It is also a resort beach town with a long history, excellent restaurant, art galleries, culture, Italian Fashion Creations and a famous Opera Festival in August each year devoted to the music of its famous son, who did not live many years in Pesaro and preferred Paris. We love the place and had many wonderful times there.




Inside the Palazzo Moschi-Tosca in Pesaro, books as art installation.


Intermission during an opera performance, patrons on the square in front of the theatre. If you look closely you will see us in the crowd.

Capri, the Island in the bay of Naples, facing the Volcano Vesuvius. Capri is of course famous as a resort for Emperors like Tiberius and the millionaire jet-set, spectacular views, no beaches really because the Island is one big cliff and the few places where you could swim is made of narrow stretches below the cliffs of black flat stones, this is why the wealthy have pools instead. The restaurants are great, so are the hotels, most are small but luxurious, no motel 6 here, it is a lovely place to relax, the hordes of tourists are kept on paths, usually with a guide near to shops so they don’t disturb the peace of the Just. We visited once and I liked it but could not picture myself enjoying the languid lifestyle.


Faraglioni con bouganville.jpg

Sicily, we took our car from Rome on the ferry overnight and sailed for Palermo. We arrived at 7:30am and disembarked, we then spent 2 weeks travelling around this wonderful Island once part of greater Greece in Antiquity and then part of the Duchy of Normandy, then France, until the incident of the Sicilian Vespers, see opera of the same name, finally Spain until 1860. From Palermo we travelled to Trapani, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Agrigento, Gela, Ragusa, Noto, Siracusa and Catania.

A beautiful island full of surprises, spectacular views, great sea food, wonderful wines, a complex history separate from Italy and a rich ancient culture. Worth many return trips.

la-sirena-ubriaca-wine.jpg The best quality Marsala wine you can buy, it is not for cooking, not at those prices and it is very good to drink!


Different variety of top quality Marsala wines served by Salvatore the owner of the Wine Bar La Sirena Ubriaca in Marsala.


Wonderful seafood we had in Marsala


Spanish architecture in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily. Much of it built during the period of the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicily when Spain was ruling that part of the Peninsula.


Siracusa a wonderful city founded by the Greeks 2800 years ago. In the far distance the snow cap volcano Mount Etna.


The famous Greek Classical Theatre Festival of Siracusa, plays are in Greek. Telling all those famous story from Antiquity. Plays are performed in an ancient theatre built originally for that purpose in antiquity.


The small town of Noto and its beautiful architecture.


The symbol of Catania the little Elephant named Liotru, an old story involving a magician and his elephant made this the symbol of the city


Catania’s famous pastry known as the Tits of St-Agatha, delicious.


As seen from the centre of the City of Catania, Mount Etna acting up again. It is known as a gusher volcano not an explosive one, otherwise there would be no Catania today.

So why am I talking about these three places, yes we visited them and yes we enjoyed them immensely. But what is the connection with the future? Ah! there is the riddle, all three, Pesaro, Capri and Sicilia have a connection and point to events yet to come. So stay tuned, all will be revealed!