Today is the Anniversary of the Great Fire which destroyed the original Central block of Parliament in Ottawa. Here is a look back at the original building before the fire of 1916.


Ottawa, Parliament of Canada, the central block today with the famous Peace tower, a memorial to all Canadians who never returned from the great war 1914-1918.


The morning after the great fire in 1916, a ruin that is all that is left of the Central bloc.


The Reading Room of Parliament, this is where the fire started on that fateful day in February 1916.


parliamentillumToday marks the 100th Anniversary of Canada’s original Parliament Buildings being destroyed in a fire that swept through the structure on February 3 1916. All that remains today of the original Parliament structure is the Library of Parliament, a unique round building at the rear of the current Centre Block. Designed by Thomas Fuller, an architect and member of the Freemasons, the original buildings have a unique connection to an ancient Order and their secret symbology.

thomas_fuller_canadian_architect Thomas Fuller, architect of the original Parliament Buildings and Freemason.

The unusual characteristics of our original Parliament buildings designed by Fuller constructed in 1860 have already been examined in a previous post, the “Knights Templar and Canada’s Parliament Buildings” . The connection to the ancient order of Knights Templar and the Freemasons was exposed but now we will look closely at a new connection to that of the Eye Of Providence, the most notable depiction of this…

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