For Mardi Gras, Today, beautiful music from the Baroque era.

Willy Or Won't He

As they begin to celebrate the New Year in Asian countries Europe and the Americas are saying farewell to King Carnival and his Consorts. As the festivities wind down in places like Venice, New Orleans, Munich and Rio I thought I’d stage my own little Mardi Gras with masks, music and dancing.

Upon his return to his hometown of Nancy in Lorraine after nine years in Italy master draftsman and engraver Jacques Callot created a set of 23 prints entitled Balli di Sfessania. Published in 1622 they are often mistaken for caricatures of members of a commedia dell’arte troupe however only a few of the characters resemble or bear the names of characters from Italian street theatre.

Hochzeiter_1_PKM A moresca dancer – one of sixteen carved by Erasmus Grasser in 1480.  Ten have survived and are displayed at the Münchner Stadtmuseum.  A left click with take you to the existing…

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