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12376606_10153539665893192_7564216268614562888_n.jpgThe City Palace home of the Kaiser of Germany since the 16th century being completely rebuilt in the centre of Berlin after its destruction by the Communist regime of East Germany. This is said to be the most expensive construction project in Berlin close to $1 billion dollars. Completion date 2019, it will be used as a university-conference centre and museum.


Family reunion, HIH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia (middle in brown coat) Head of the Hohenzollern Family surrounded by his uncles, aunt and his cousins Philipp, Wilhelm and Christian on the construction site of the grand entrance to the City Palace, former home of his great grand-father Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. They came to inspect how the reconstruction was going on their former family home.


Great grandpa Wilhelm II,Kaiser of Germany, see the striking family resemblance with his great grand-son Georg Friedrich, below, who would be Kaiser today.


HIH Georg Friedrich with his wife Princess Sophie, they have 3 children