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A colleague of mine took this photo at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa where I work as a Docent-Volunteer and Coordinator of Cultural and Art Lectures. When the photo was taken I was actually choosing the art works I wanted to present next month in my little art talks I give in the galleries. I picked Job by Jan Lievens, it is a very interesting picture and Lievens was under the influence of Rembrandt and Caravaggio, you can see that in his paintings, many of which are on Biblical stories. The painting I am pointing to in this photo I never presented though I like the subject and its composition.




Job by Jan Lievens

In this painting we see Job sitting on a dung heap being castigated by his wife and tormented by demons. His wife bemoans the fact that God has abandoned them, he answers her, You speak like a foolish women, God gives and God taketh away, we were happy then we are happy now.