another great segment to the history of slavery in Canada and in the Province of PEI.

Isaac L. Stewart

G’day there!

If you’ll recall, last week I touched upon the issue of slavery as it relates to the history of Prince Edward Island and African-Islanders. Today, I thought I would get into its origins as an institution. It’s a touchy subject in general, which is perhaps why, here on the Island, it continues to be ignored and remains little understood by many. But as I last wrote, history is not meant to be ignored. There’s no rule that says you have to like it, but you do have to acknowledge it, as it hard as that may be by times.

Let’s kick things off with a surprising – and obscure – factoid of Island history: Did you know that this province (when it was a colony of British North America) is the only such place in Canada to ever enact its own law enforcing the institution of slavery? Sadly, it’s…

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