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For those of you reading this blog regularly maybe the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place, remember the posting a few weeks ago about Pesaro, Sicily and Capri? A similar place where we might end up.

So we flew from Ottawa, going East towards the Maritime Provinces and landed in Moncton, New Brunswick a 72 minute flight, just time for a coffee really. We rented a car at Moncton airport and drove to the bridge to PEI. Fairly easy drive 78 Km on the Trans-Canada Hwy 1 on a bright sunny day, no traffic. Going by Shediac and Miramichi, why are those town important in Canada, after all they are only villages, but hold magical significance for all Federal Government Employee because they are respectively the pay and pension centre for the bureaucracy all 350,000 and numerous retirees. We thought of stopping by to offer thanks and Tim bits of appreciation.




Map of PEI and the other Maritime Provinces Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Moncton appearing in the top corner. So from Hwy 15 to 16 across the bridge, I was expecting very high winds but by the time we arrived by the Strait of Northumberland, there was no wind, so we crossed without hindrance. The view is spectacular, you cannot see from the side of the car but looking straight ahead you see the curve of the bridge and the ice flows below.


The Capital Charlottetown, pop 34,000.

We crossed the North River bridge and went down North River Road to Dorchester onto Queen street to avoid the rush hour traffic, well can 46 cars qualify as rush hour traffic? Today on the Island is a public holiday, Islander Day, in Ottawa it was Family day, meaning that all is closed and quiet.

Tomorrow we go shopping for food, the apartment we have is lovely, we really like it and it is very comfortable. Wednesday is looking at rentals day with our agent. We are quite excited.

In the meantime what about Nicky and Nora? Well we drove them to the trainer just outside Ottawa yesterday, our trainer owns a big farm over 100 acres with a forest attached. She is sending us hilarious reports, this morning Nicky and Nora doing exercise on the treadmill, it was too cold for a walk outside at -30C. Nora liked it, Nicky not so much, he is such a lazy boy, but it is excellent exercise for them. There are also wolves and coyotes in them parts and it will be good for them to listen to the noise from the woods at night. Here in Charlottetown there are lots of Foxes and outside the city coyotes and wolves.

There are 7 other big dogs at the farm, boxers mostly of various ages. So it is also an opportunity for Nicky and Nora to socialize and mingle. We think that the 2 weeks at the farm will do them loads of good.