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This morning we got up late, we were more tired than we thought, air travel and then road travel though very easy is tiring when you are in new parts of the country. I did not know what to expect from the Sea Bridge crossing it was uneventful. We had an excellent seafood dinner just a few steps from where we live, it is the only opened restaurant as far as we could see, pubs where also closed because of a Civic Holiday in the Province. There was lots of people and a joyous atmosphere.

This morning we had some coffee and then went out shopping at the mall, all of 5 minutes away up the street, remember this is a small Capital and the distances are short. I have never shopped at Sobey’s for groceries, I only know the owner because he gave $20 million to the National Gallery. I did find the store confusing, per example bread can be found in 3 different locations, the butter section is separate from the milk and the eggs which are all in very separate sections, we could not find unsalted butter but did find extra-salted butter it is also called British butter, had never heard of this before. The un-salted butter was in a separate section with other frozen foods, strange. As for prices well it is the big chains, Sobey is more expensive than Loblaw’s which is known as Atlantic here in the Maritimes. However potatoes are dirt cheap 10 lbs for 0.99 cents, now that is a bargain. What to do with 10 lbs I do not know. Maybe Jean-Paul and Guido in London could make helpful suggestions. https://itsmyhusbandandme.wordpress.com


So while in the USA and Canada it’s Black history month in PEI it’s Potato Lover’s month, which by the way is pretty inclusive if you think about it, anyone is welcome as a Potato Lover, anyone!

We do want to go to the Farmer’s Market this weekend to see what is on offer, it looks pretty good and nice from their website.

Went to the liquor store, good selection and they have several brand of liquor in small mickey’s of various sizes which is very practical, you can put the contents in your little flask you carry around with you for a fortifier when needed. Otherwise wine prices are the same as in Ontario, Champagnes are still over priced compared to Ontario. Apparently prices are better in New Brunswick. Since the COSTCO is in Moncton you could make it an outing and buy champagne at the same time. I am sure everyone who goes to COSTCO also then drops by the Champagne store for bubbles.

The rest of the day we went to a gallery to view paintings by a local artist Robert Milner, now the paintings were un-equal in quality, some like his landscapes had an Alex Colville feel to them and others were evocative, while his birds and fauna was almost naive in style.


The weather here has turned quite mild, Spring like and since the streets run down towards the harbor there is quite a lot of water all around, now tomorrow is will be 9 C or 50F which is quite warm for February and we are suppose to get torrential rains up to 25cm in one day, that is 10 inches of rain. Apparently there could be flooding, I am not surprised, though this is better than the snow storm in Ottawa today.

I think we are suppose to see 5 properties tomorrow with the agent starting at noon time. Hopefully something will gel and may strike our fancy, all are located except one, in the downtown core of Charlottetown.