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Well another interesting Spring like day here in Charlottetown, 9C and partly cloudy, snow is almost gone. We met with our real estate agent and spent about 2 hours talking about properties, the market, what to look for, what to avoid and the psyche of owners in PEI. Per example the Condo market here is a relatively new thing, about 8 years old, unknown before that time. We also visited 4 properties to see what is available on the market, I had a list of about 12 properties but in minutes it was whittled down to 4 for various reasons. One property was removed from the market by the owner who had changed his mind.

We did like one house in particular, though the colour scheme was a challenge and the property had been decorated within an inch of its life. Though all of it could be remedied easily. The agent gave us a lot of good advice and suggestions which we will act upon in the coming two months.

Tonight we had steamed mussels for dinner, in only takes 10 minutes to prepare, it was great. This Saturday at the Farmer’s Market on Belvedere street there will be, I am told, fresh Sea Scallops on offer, so we are going to the Market and will have a look around. Mr. Seafood is also one of the sellers and he has a lot of great seafood. We are also going to visit the Charlottetown Vet Clinic to see the facilities and enquire about boarding for our two dachshunds, we will need a place for them for a few days and also when we go on vacation. At the moment they are just outside Ottawa with our trainer and her big boxers and from the photo-report we get all is well.


An Island Cardinal