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The Fox header is for the numerous foxes on PEI, they are everywhere and sometimes can be seen in villages and towns. They are quite beautiful with their black legs like silk stockings, and their luxurious red fur, they are also very smart and cunning.

So we visited several houses yesterday and at one location there was a staircase to the basement. The owner told me not to open that door, it was condemned and now the staircase had been blocked, it was merely a closet. However in olden days when rum running was the thing from 1765 to 1930, the cellar of the house was used to store imported rum and brandy from the Caribbean Islands. When there was a raid by the local police, the men in the house would run to the cellar and to a secret tunnel which took them a block away to an exit. Charlottetown is full of such places, the police would only raid a house if you did not pay your custom tax on the illegal merchandise, yes the government knew all about it and made a handsome profit from the illegal trade.

Again walking around old Charlottetown which is 9 city blocks by 15 city blocks, you see various types of architecture from 1779 to 1890. Lots of beautiful architecture, mostly Georgian, (George III and George IV) and Salt box houses for the fishermen and workers. There are also numerous great mansions made of stone or wood built at the time of the great tall sailing ships and schooners.


As for the cost of living, rents are cheaper than Ottawa or Toronto for the core of the city and even cheaper for suburban or rural area on average from $100 to $800 dollars less per month. You can find 2 bedroom apartments including heat + utilities for $900 CDN, in Ottawa you would be paying $1875 for something similar. The Capital Charlottetown is the largest town in the Province and Summerside is the other big town, the rest are communities often quite small a few hundred people at most.

Food prices are Seasonal, in Spring, Summer, Fall, this being an agricultural province, lots of fresh produce and potatoes. For 9 months of the year there is seafood and fish of high quality, the Island being in the Gulf of St-Lawrence on the Atlantic Ocean. There is also high quality Island beef and International Award winning Cheese. Most of the food produce here if not all is in the Artisan mode, free of chemicals and other nasty stuff. Overall grocery prices are not much different from Ottawa and not higher. Wine and liquor is about the same and you can always go to New Brunswick for somewhat cheaper liquor.

The Farmer’s Market is a very big thing on the Island since most inhabitants are either farmers or fishermen. In fact right now Lobster boat captains are recruiting for the Season which will open shortly. I fancy enlisting Will for duty on one of those boats, I think the fresh sea air would do him a world of good.

Tonight we are invited at friends for drinks just around the corner from where we are living at the moment. We will walk over, everything is that close. I think their house was built in 1835 all brick building, quite nice. Saturday is Farmer’s Market day, I want to see it to meet the vendors. http://charlottetownfarmersmarket.weebly.com


The flag of the Acadians, adopted in August 1884 in Miscouche PEI.

The Tricolour represents the Motherland of the Acadians. The yellow star, the Stella Maris, is the symbol of Mary, Acadian national symbol and patron of the mariners.

The French flag was selected as the basis of the Acadian one to underline the adherence of the Acadians to the French civilization. You will see this flag in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and in Prince Edward Island, the ancient Acadia.

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St-Paul’s Anglican on Church Street next to Province House.