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While visiting the Island Province you become aware of the intense devotion people have here to all things culinary. The best quality and freshest ingredients, all natural, no chemicals and no hormones etc. finds its way in the description of many products you find here in the Farmer’s markets who do not compete with the big Food Store chain but present themselves as separate and independent, striving for quality at a reasonable price while being of the highest quality instead of mass produced and processed foods imported from far away at very high prices. You can sense the real pride in quality food production here since a family name is attached to it and nothing phony about it, somewhat reminiscent of the European traditions of place of origin denomination.






When I saw the doughnut maker I immediately thought of my friend Dr. SPO in AZ. I know he would love this.


Angelika, the famous German baker with her goods.

This morning we went to the Farmer’s Market on Belvedere, the place was packed with people whereas the SuperFood Store just across the street was nearly deserted. At this time of the year you can buy Award Winning Cheeses like the Clothbound Avonlea cheddar or Blue d’Acadie cheese, home made meat pies or fruit pies from the farmer’s, real farm eggs which are noticeably bigger than the big food store ones. Lots of root vegetables, bacon cut Scottish style, sausages, fowl, turkey, chicken which looked like Capon, goose, duck, seafood, fish etc. again at far better prices than any big food store chain if they carry such items. Because the Island has a sizeable immigrant population from Lebanon-Syria, Africans from West and Central Africa and various Europeans, Dutch, Germans, everyone brings specialty cuisine. I was looking at one African Caterer presenting various dishes, not what you usually see in the USA which has nothing to do with Africa and is mostly Caribbean, a different cuisine all together, very tasty.


Here is the new batch of Absinthe, $48. a bottle, 72.5% proof from Deep Roots Distillery, PEI.

How to drink Absinthe This spirit can be enjoyed on its own in a glass, either chilled or at room temperature. However, just as with ancient tea ceremonies in some countries, there is a particular ritual to follow if you want to experience absinthe in the traditional manner. Although there are dedicated “tools” available for the ritual (available soon at our Distillery), they are not essential for taste or enjoyment. A shot of Absinthe is poured into a clear glass. A cube of sugar is placed in the bowl of a spoon and held over the glass. Then ice cold water is poured over the cube and allowed to drip into the glass. The ideal balance between Absinthe and water is one part spirit, three parts ice cold water. We hope you enjoy this very unique experience. As with all our spirits, we have taken great care and pride in the ingredients we select and the process we used to craft this first small batch of Absinthe and to make it available to you for your enjoyment.

Deep Roots Distillery (Father and Son) produce Absinthe in the old original recipe style with worm wood, the improved technique of production is non poisonous as was the old recipe 150 years ago. http://deeprootsdistillery.com/428-2

There was also a lot of producers of craft beer which is sold is big jugs. There are also several very good bakers of breads and pastries.


I had an excellent Espresso coffee, a very sophisticated friendly scene, not what one would expect and we are discovering a lot of very nice things here on the Island. We really miss for nothing. These are just a few pictures but there was so much more to see and did I mentionned the potatoes? Well they have the blue and the pink, meaning that the meat of the potato is that colour when you slice into it, a specialty of the Island to go with a nice fish dish.


Yes folks only .99 Cents for your Lobster dinner.


There is still a Ferry to cross the Strait to New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, am not sure it is still $1. dollar per car or .20 cents for walk-on passenger, we also have the sea bridge since 1997.