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We drove this morning back from Charlottetown to Moncton New Brunswick over the sea bridge and down Hwy 16 and then 15 west to the Airport for our flight to Ottawa. The Hwy 16 and 15 on the mainland is pretty boring, basically forests on either side and numerous signs telling you to be careful of Moose crossing, at 2+ tons in weight you do not want to hit one, it would be fatal for you. The weather in the Maritime is Spring like and the snow is gone, our 10 days was showers and sun and temperature between +4C and +14C. The photo header is what welcomed us home, can you believe it, NO! how can this be it’s Springtime everywhere but here. Another 10 months of Winter for Ottawa at -11C, there is something seriously wrong with this picture even Siberia gets Summer time, but then again Ottawa has the reputation of being the coldest Capital in the World.

Anyway we now have 3 very serious prospects for rental and all in the 1500 to 2000 sq feet range. Ceilings between 12 to 18 feet in height, if you always lived with 8 foot ceilings your life is changed in a transcendental way by ceilings at 12 to 18 feet.

Now comes the fun of cleaning house and getting rid of all the stuff we do not want to move, books, CDs, furniture, clothing, etc..

Tomorrow we are going to retrieve the puppies Nicky and Nora who spent their 7th Birthday respectively at Dachshunds Boot Camp. I am told that Nora loves to chew on Antlers now. This goes well with her personality as a Hunting dog it runs in her family. They are both scheduled for a grooming in the coming week.

Already March and my 60th coming up. Well it was a wonderful 10 days in PEI.