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Well my computer died, but like Lazarus it rose again. I went back to the Apple store to retrieve a seemingly dead computer but in reality it was not dead. So I did not need to spend $1000 dollars on repairs or $1099 in purchasing a new one. Whoever the fellow was who call me to say my computer was dead and heard me say that was too bad and would have to find a cheaper solution,  must have done something when he put it all back together again. At the store I turned on the computer and I told the young man that I wanted to buy a keyboard so I could plug it in and by pass the keyboard on my MacBook. At first he said cannot be done, I told him that his other colleague had done just that to do a diagnostic on my first visit. Oh he said, went away and came back to tell me that yes you can apparently do that. So off he goes to get me a keyboard off the shelf, in the meantime I  had turned on the computer, I tried the defective keys and they worked, how can that be, they were dead a few days ago, the technician said the circuit does not respond,now it does, strange, very strange.


I did buy the keyboard for $59.65 + tax, and now I am using my old dead, born again computer with the keyboard plugged in. So no need to spend loads of money. I like to believe that this is a miracle, where Divine Intervention occurred. Remember the original story of this malfunction had been caused a few years ago by my reading on the Internet Ancient Hebrew texts from the Torah while drinking red wine. Obviously the Almighty took pity on me and resurrected my computer in the repair room of the Apple store in the Rideau Centre in Ottawa. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it.