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We have a lease!


I will concede it was not announced from the Papal balcony of St-Peter’s basilica with the College of Cardinals looking on.

After months of searching we found finally a place in Charlottetown, PEI. Needless to say this is not a photo of our new place in PEI. It was a long search and very frustrating at times, the problem being that there are more homes for sale, than homes or apartment for rent. Also we were looking very specifically in the old core of the Capital only and no where else. This is a very small area, 9 blocks by 7 blocks, the stock of what is available is often heritage buildings 1780-1890, meaning that what is available is small, one bath and slanted roof ceilings in bedrooms, full of charms but next to no room for furniture, at least not 20th century furniture. Fashion in home decor and furnishings has drastically changed since 1900.

We also had to learn the way of the Island, everyone knows everybody. There are only 140K inhabitants on the Island. Everything is done word of mouth, friends recommend friends, it makes a difference. People are very friendly and helpful, often surprisingly so.

We did find our new place through a recommendation from a friend who put in a good word. The good stuff never comes to the open market, it is always un-advertised.

We are content with our new lease, I would not say excited, no, the word content is more apt. We wanted a sunny apartment and this one has 18 large windows facing North, South, East, West, is surrounded by large parks on two sides and the Harbor and Hillsborough River on the other. The view is quite nice and all in an historic setting. We are close to friends who are just a few doors down on the same street. The interior of this 1840 house is  quite modern, it was all redone just a few years ago with top of the line materials.

We will be able to entertain at home easily we have the space for it and will be able to have visitors stay with us, with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. We also have a deck so I can return to barbecuing, something I enjoy.

The move will come quickly in May, packing etc. now starts the fun of cleaning house and getting rid of stuff.