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Because of my age I can remember US Politics back to the 1960’s, though my knowledge was more an impression than deep understanding. I remember JFK and LBJ, that awful Nixon fellow, the quiet Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. I also remember some of the other actors on the political scene of the time. It was another era and politics were no cleaner but it had not sunk to the level we see today. For me it all started to go wrong when Ronald Reagan declared he was a born again Christian, this in the hope of attracting a more conservative vote. I could not understand why the President of all the Americans, many of whom are not Christians needed to say that publicly and what did it say to Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, all non born again Christians. He was staking his claim to represent only that one little group in the entire nation, the others well they were not part of the club. Then we got G.W.Bush, in the words of the Saudi King of the time, a nice man but he knows nothing. A disastrous war with Iraq and for what exactly.

Now we have the Donald and his hate speeches. I have to say that I do not follow nor watch closely what is going on with this election, but the other day I saw a clip made by Rachel Maddow for her show on speeches inciting hate by Trump. Now we see his rallies cancelled because the authorities cannot guarantee safety. People who oppose Trump vocally are beaten by his supporters. Trump offers to pay the legal fees of the attackers.  What Trump was saying clearly, anyone who opposes me must be dealt with, in the good old days these people would get a good beating, anyone who opposes me is the enemy of America and they are dragging our country down. Then he chants USA USA and promises to make America great again. My question is when did America stop being great?

It appears that politicians now divide Americans in categories, it use to be that a US Citizen was equal to all other US Citizens. Now the Brown or Black ones are not considered full citizens and are presented as second class. I know that prior to the Equal Rights Movement blacks and non whites were not equal. Though the USA went through it all and progress was achieved, Trump is proposing to turn back the clock with friends like David Duke of the KKK.  If you are not Evangelical Christian then you too are second class, if you disagree with the Donald then you are a dangerous enemy of the USA. Muslims are all terrorists, not real US Citizens. Jews well Trump and company cannot talk about them, because that is a political bomb, so they pretend they like them because it is politically convenient.


In other words millions of Americans are not real US Citizens because they fit into that category of people who are disliked by Trump. So if Trump should become President you will have a Nation divided maybe splintered is a better word. Then what about Congress and the Senate, there is no guarantee they would play ball with him. Elections at both levels of Houses may change the composition completely. Would President Trump then resort to attacks on the Congress and hate speech against both Houses to get his way, inciting violence against elected Officials? I could see that happen if he remains true to form.

You see I work as a guide at the Canadian War Museum here in Ottawa. In Gallery 4 we have the history of the world from 1930-1945, the rise of the dictators in Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany. You can listen to the speeches of the dictators to the faithful, hate is the main message, making the country great again is the other message. Those who oppose the program of the dictator must be done away with because they drag the country down. It all sounds very familiar to me and one could accuse candidate Trump of plagiarizing the speeches of the European dictators and not be wrong.

Many Americans say they will move to Canada if Trump is elected, that is a false assumption. Moving means immigration, the door is not open, many would not qualify, only a few could actually get in and it can take up to 24 months to see an application through if all goes well, you have no health problems, no prior convictions of any kind and are under 45 years of age with a job that is in demand in Canada.


I do believe that the American people will make the right choice and see through the politics of division and hate which would destroy the USA not make it great again. Trump is one big wind storm, all talk, simplistic approach to complex problems, the art of the quick fix, this is what is so dangerous.

Like the snake oil salesman at the Carny Show, Trump may become the candidate of the Republican party but gain the Presidency not likely. The GOP has also shown itself to be now the party of the fanatical fringe, the trailer park trash, the uneducated, of those who have been overtaken by events in a changing world and who want to bring us back to a mythical time in history that never existed.

Trump’s election to the White House would have dire consequences for political relations with Mexico and Canada and for the balance of power with Russia, China and other countries who are important trade partners. This is why he cannot be elected, the greater good is at stake.