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Well a sure sign that we are moving is something I did yesterday, it happens every time and it is the start of packing and preparing for the movers to come. The last time I did this was in June 2011.

I have a collection of about 250 lead soldiers in the 54 mm size and representing regiments from around the world. From the Papal Swiss Guards to Mexico Soldier Cadet School, Prussian, Bavarian, Austrian, Italian, French (Ancient regime) Russian Imperial, British etc… All hand painted and beautifully detailed. Packing them off as it where requires usually 3 full days. They are fragile and must be carefully re-boxed individually.




Once this is done that means we are moving and now sorting our books, we have 6 book shelves IKEA style about 48 boxes all together, must be gone through. Then the closets and clothing no longer required given away, even pots and pans in the Kitchen will be sorted and what is no longer used will be discarded. We are not throwing anything away, if it can be given to someone, books to the Municipal Library or clothing to St-Vincent etc.. It will be done that way. We do not thrown away since there is always someone who might be interested in having it.

April is cleaning up month! May is moving to PEI month.

Just noticed that Old Home Week in Charlottetown and the Gold Cup and Saucer Race (PEI’s Ascot Race) is August 11 to 20. Since the early 1960s, the Gold Cup and Saucer Race has been considered one of the most celebrated harness racing events in Eastern Canada. Each August, as a culmination of Old Home Week, the fastest horses and most skilled drivers compete in 15 racing programs in nine days.