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For those of  you who read this blog and my not have noticed yet that in 6 weeks we are moving to Prince Edward Island, the birthplace of Canadian Confederation 1864, I have been asked what would be my choice of music to bring to a deserted Island. Now PEI is far from deserted, some 145,000 people live there year round and the Island is the size of the Netherlands.

So my choice in no specific order:

Mussorgsky Pictures at an exhibition, the arrangement of this piece by Maestro Leopold Stokowski (1882-1977). A wonderful interpretation by Stokowski who in my mind was a great maestro. This arrangement by Stokowski is very different from the usual traditional arrangement, it has more gusto and reminds me of how paintings at an exhibition can affect you with their colours and composition.

Songs of Charles Aznavour who is 91 years old, the great Armenian-French singer who to me is timeless in his interpretation of a style of French songs written as poems in music. His songs bring so many memories of a time in my life and the world the late 1950’s and 60’s.

Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester, so much of this fun, silly music of the Weimar Republic 1919-1933. Night Clubs Berlin, sophisticated and fun. Raabe has his own interpretation and style of singing typical of that era.

Jazz Music by Jacques Loussier now 81 years old, the great jazzman who has made so many wonderful arrangements of Classical like J.S.Bach set to jazz or other classical composers not to mention modern jazz. All pleasant to the ears.

Operetta Music by Franz Lehar in Hungarian and German, so light, so old world pre 1914, charming, romantic, elegant, old Budapest and old Vienna, think Stephan Zweig.

Guitar music by Andrés Segovia who interprets so beautifully music by Joaquin Rodrigo, by Torroba, Mompou, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Enrique Granados and so many others. Very relaxing music and so entertaining.

French Opera arias with Canadian Tenor Ben Heppner who had this powerful voice and beautiful diction.

Songs interpreted by Zarah Leander, 1907-1981, Swedish artist who made a career in Germany for many years including those of the Nazi Dictatorship 1933-45. She sings mostly Cabaret and Movie theme songs which were popular in Europe at the time.

Master of the Bel Canto Ryszard Karczykowski, Polish tenor, with a beautiful voice interpreting Italian Operas.

Italian Opera Arias mostly Puccini and Verdi by various great artists.

As you can see it is diverse and a mix of various styles.

I am sure that there is much more music I would enjoy and will enjoy on PEI.

I did say to friends that I could take up learning to play bagpipes since there is a school in Charlottetown. However someone said to me; The sign of a true gentleman is one who knows how to play the bagpipes but won’t.