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The weeks are passing rapidly and it is time to start to think about change of address, new phone numbers, new area codes 613 Ottawa to 902 for Prince Edward Island and new internet access. This means learning a new postal code which now starts with the letters and number C1A. We know that our car and home insurance will be significantly lower by hundreds of dollars and the internet package will be 50% cheaper. It makes a big difference. Ottawa and Ontario have become expensive, though many do not seem to realize that.

Yesterday we drove to Perth in the Ottawa Valley, about one hour on Hwy 7 South West of the Capital. Perth is an old town built of stone building, many grand mansions also in stone or brick. It use to be a place where the railway crossed town and brought commerce and industry on its way to Ottawa. Today it’s a sleepy town, retirees and old people. On our way we crossed the Mississipi river, no not the great one, it’s a small river in comparison.

There are lots of other rivers in the area, the Jock which crosses Richmond another small town, the Bonnechere which crosses Renfrew, La Petite Nation river, all part of a system with the Rideau and the Ottawa rivers, lots of rapids and waterfalls, rather picturesque. The valley is woodland or farmland as far as one can see, though nearer to Ottawa now suburban development is taking place.

We went to Perth to see Graeme Fenwick a furniture maker who specializes in Shaker style furniture in cherry and maple wood. We have quite a few items of furniture in the Shaker style and we now wanted a bed and side tables in that style. We found what we wanted, Graeme makes beautiful furniture and the colour of the wood and grain is quite nice. All solid no press wood or partical board, surprisingly it is very light and not heavy to move around, that is the beauty of Shaker furniture. Look at his site simplyshaker.ca


This is the Shaker bed we bought in Cherry wood with the little side table also in cherry wood. Beautiful furniture for our guest bedroom.

Then we went to Richmond another little village, not quite as prosperous as Perth but nice on the Jock river where they were having the annual 12K race of kayaks and canoes on the river. Bright Sunshine but a cold icy wind, still it was fun and then a lunch at our friends who have a house just steps away from the river. The red arrow indicates the canoe of Reg and Greg, the team we were there to support and cheer. You did not want to fall into the river, the water was fast moving but certainly icy cold.





All around a fun day in the country side just outside Ottawa.