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We are mere days away from the final packing and moving. This long Victoria Day Weekend in Canada will be devoted in our household in finalizing the preparations.

The number of people who asked me if I was all packed yet. We have movers to pack, why would I pack? What a strange concept unless of course you are of the school where you throw everything in green garbage bags and rent a U-Haul. I am sure my faithful readers have understood a long time ago that this would not be my philosophy of life.


Packing works of art and fine Porcelaine

On Wednesday morning the packers will come and spend the day carefully making boxes, Thursday they will load the container and off they go for PEI also known as the Mykonos of Canada.


Nicky and Nora morning snooze on a carpet imported from Iran.

I will take the road with the Hounds from Hell, Nicky and Nora, the movers said they could not bubble wrap them, strange. We will stop at Rivière du Loup on the Saint Lawrence river over night before turning towards New Brunswick and PEI. This way the trip in the car for them will be more manageable. But I will have their toys, blankets and lots of biscuits, hopefully they will sleep on the way and Uncle Pervy (the Official Babysitter) will look after them, entertaining them if need be.


Rivière du Loup, Province of Québec

The next day the trip from Rivière du Loup to Charlottetown will take about 7 hours. But I will have to stop more frequently perhaps for Nicky and Nora. However the TransCanada Highway is truly beautiful in the Kamouraska, Témiscouata, Madawaska region with its large forests and lakes.

So we are almost on our way, the weather is finely beautiful and Summer like.