Well here you have it, the beach just a few minutes from the house. Looking out into the Atlantic, I think I can see Europe on the horizon. Lots of sand and quiet, bliss.

We will be without internet access for a few days but all should be reconnected by 1 June. Our male dachshund Nicky can’t take the stress and he has been sick, his routine is perturbed poor dear. Can’t lie in the sunshine as he likes, he is sort of a beach boy. He was assured that yes there will be sunshine in PEI. No we have not been singing the score of Little Orphan Annie to him. As for Nora well she is happy has long as there is a cooking in the deal. She is more like Annie get your gun type, think Ethel Merman.


Nicky snoozing on the Ottoman, yes he is a hound and that is what they do. Nora is in the background